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March 24, 2012
by ken

Two blog entries: /clinical/endodontics/how-far-down-the-root-canal-should-the-post-be-placed and /clinical/dental-trauma/in-vitro-evaluation-of-the-effect-of-post-system-and-length-on-the-fracture-resistance-of-endodontically-treated-human-anterior-teeth elicited significant activity…..thus I thought it pertinent to address the simplest way I know how to research the literature. As I get older, I’m less and less inclined to listen to eminence based advice or advocate information that comes with a paycheque. I want to know what the research says, granted even it is prejudiced by the sponsorship. We are capable of doing a basic yet substantial meta-analysis, pseudo-Cochrane Collaborative style review with elegance. The methodology – SCHOLAR.GOOGLE.COM – and the appropriate keywords….try it, you’ll never look back.

In this case it was “comparing cast post cores and glass fibre post cores” – this will scroll for some time because of the way Word Press sets up the fonts, but do try it.







Sample results since 2012:
Effect of fibre post length and adhesive strategy on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth after fatigue loading
F Zicari, B Van Meerbeek, R Scotti… – Journal of Dentistry, 2012
 Double-tapered translucent glassfibre RelyX Fibre Posts (3 M ESPE, Seefeld Germany) of 1.6
mm diameter (size n.2) were tried in and cleaned with  78 Several studies reported that rigid cast
post-and-cores and prefabricated metallic or zirconia posts, increase the risk of 


The effect of ferrule on the fracture mode of endodontically treated canines restored with fibre postsand metal-ceramic or all-ceramic crowns
T Fragou, D Tortopidis, E Kontonasaki… – Journal of Dentistry, 2012
 52 A possible explanation of these findings may be that the low Young’s modulus of glassfibre
posts renders them unable to resist occlusal  A 10-year retrospective study of the survival rate
of teeth restored with metal prefabricated posts versus cast metal posts and cores. 


Numerical analysis of the biomechanical behaviour of a weakened root after adhesive reconstruction and post-core rehabilitation
CMA Mattos, EBL Casas, IGR Dutra, HA Sousa… – Journal of Dentistry, 2012
 All of the experimental groups were restored with cast posts, which are known to transfer the
stress to the dentine walls.  The results of the present study agree with those other studies that
have indicated that reconstruction with glass fibre posts associated with adhesive 


Influence of resin cement and post configuration on bond strength to root dentine
CJ Soares, JC Pereira, A Valdivia, VR Novais… – International Endodontic …, 2012
 Conclusions The retention of glass fibre posts remained unaffected by surface roughness
but was influenced by resin cement type.  2010) and as well as a higher clinical success
rate than cast posts (Ferrari et al. 2000a,b, Preethi & Kala 2008). 


Experimental strength of restorations with fibre posts at different stages, with and without using a simulated ligament
A PÉREZ‐GONZÁLEZ, C GONZÁLEZ‐LLUCH… – Journal of oral …, 2012
 However in those previous works (8, 17) some glass fibre specimens ended up with root fracture
in the middle of the root, a failure mode that was not  4. Bergman B, Lundquist P, Sjögren U,
Sundquist G. Restorative and endodontic results after treatment with cast posts and cores 


10-year Survival Evaluation for Glass-fiber–supported Postendodontic Restoration: A Prospective Observational Clinical Study
M Naumann, M Koelpin, F Beuer… – Journal of Endodontics, 2012
 Survival of glass fibre reinforced composite post restorations after 2 years-an observational
clinical study. J Dent, 33 (2005), pp. 305–312.  Restorative and endodontic results after treatment
with cast posts and cores. J Prosthet Dent, 61 (1989), pp. 10–15. 


[PDF] Influence of the flexural modulus of prefabricated and experimental posts on the fracture strength and failure mode of composite resin cores
N KUMAGAE, W KOMADA, Y FUKUI, D OKADA… – Dental Materials Journal, 2012
 11) Naumann M, Blankenstein F, Dietrich T. Survival of glass fibre reinforced composite post
restorations after 2 years-an observational clinical study. J Dent 2005; 33: 305-312.  In vitro fracture
resistance of glass-fiber and cast metal posts with different lengths. 


Influence of Crown Ferrule Heights and Dowel Material Selection on the Mechanical Behavior of Root‐Filled Teeth: A Finite Element Analysis
MU Watanabe, RB Anchieta, EP Rocha, S Kina… – Journal of Prosthodontics, 2012
 J Prosthet Dent 1990;63:506-512 13. Libman WJ, Nicholls JI: Load fatigue of teeth restored
with cast posts and cores and complete crowns.  Pegoretti A, Fambri L, Zappini G, et al: Finite
element analysis of a glass fibre reinforced composite endodontic post


Flexural properties of sawdust-reinforced epoxy composites post-cured in microwaves
H Ku, M Donald, F Cardona… – Journal of Composite Materials, 2012
 the slower rate of viscosity increment, resulting in better wettability of the glass fibre with enhanced 
all cases, the fluidity of the slurry composite was high and could be cast into moulds.  The flexural
strengths of samples post-cured in microwaves exhib- ited similar relationships to 


[PDF] Clinical and radiological evaluation of cast metal and quartz fibre posts in endodontically restored teeth
 of dentin conditioning on retention of airborne-particle-abraded, adhesively luted glass
fibre-reinforced resin  G , Pavlovic V ,. Vulicevic ZR, Ferrari M .Light transmission through fiber
post: The effect on  Sharma S, Shashikala K .Cast metal post versus fiber post– A 3 dimensional 

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