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iPHONE, iPAD is not a geek’s obsession; it is the mobile platform of the world at the moment and it is the mobile platform of any business that recognizes social media will keep them ALIVE!!!!!

I’ve never met Phil Klein, but like hundreds of folks, I meet him fairly often on the Internet……

Read below and the next time a sales rep comes by the office without an iPAD, address their antedeluvian approach to business……t’would be amazing to hear how all the infantry of x,y,z dental company would react if you refused to do business with antiques…..the fecal matter that flows downhill in the corporate world will reverse in a New York minute.

From: Philip Klein <pklein@dentrek.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 09:44:53 -0700
To: DenTrek Support <info@dentrek.com>
Subject: Press Release: DenTrek Modules Formatted for iPad Compatibility

Press Release:
DenTrek Modules Formatted for iPad Compatibility

DenTrek Modules Formatted for iPad Compatibility

DenTrek will be upgrading its dental sales representative training platform to allow users to download iPad compatible product training modules.

“Having the ability to play a professionally-produced DenTrek product training video directly from an iPad–and other tablet PCs and mobile devices–is an effective way to educate and sell,” says Dr. Phil Klein, CEO of Learn HealthSci.
“Now reps can visit a customer and deliver a consistent message, quickly and conveniently, through a 3D animated video–designed for the dentist,hygienist and assistant–directly from their iPad,” says Klein.

“Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for the sales reps to learn and sell,” says Brian Hale, Managing Director and CTO of Learn HealthSci.
“The new iPad video upgrade will allow reps to demonstrate the features and benefits of new products directly from their mobile devices, without connecting to the Internet,” says Hale.

For the complete press release visit:

Philip Klein, DMD
Learn HealthSci Inc.
5330 Carroll Canyon Rd.
Suite 230
San Diego CA 92121
858-558-9900 ext 11

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