In honour of Steve Jobs

As dentists, we tend to be linear and procedural. While we do micromanage, the visionary component of our practice is far too often left to management gurus who simply by nature have to sell a generic message. Fortunately, our generation has had a visionary who sees trends long before they happen and whose single mindedness eliminates the old long before others know it has passed.

CAESY has launched it’s cloud version and the advertisement alone is worth the viewing. There is an argument that companies sell product. They are not responsible for how it is adapted or incorporated into dentistry. Their role is to bring things to market. While that is true on a lesser level, the history of corporate, community and education interaction has numerous examples of how time has enabled the reframing of a philosophy of betterment where all the principals weigh in and the result serves all ends. Reggio Emilia in Italy comes to mind as one global force.  Enough of the pontification – watch the video – it’s way kewl!!!

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