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Inside Dental Technology – time to be SERIOUS

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A New Breed

Opportunities abound for the pioneering technologist with specialized education and knowledge.

It is uncertain how a shrinking dental laboratory industry will
restructure to combat the pressures of being overtaken by big-store
manufacturers, off-shore competition, and digital production. For many,
the reality is that the choice will come down to re-educating and
investing or slowly dying out. For those with the willingness and
financial resources to confront the challenges, the evolutionary changes
taking place in the dental industry are creating opportunities and
giving birth to a new breed of dental technologist.

This new generation is not confined by the traditional definition
that the dental industry has imposed upon it. These pioneers are
transforming from conventional laboratory owners to specialists in
select fields of the profession, in which technology and a superior
knowledge base offer the opportunity to break away and redefine the role
dental technology will play in the future of dentistry.

modelbasedmir.jpgAmong those who have ventured into this uncharted territory and
advanced the field is Daniel Llop, CDT, president and chief executive
of the nSequence Center for Advanced Dentistry
(www.nsequence.com). Specializing in implant and esthetic dentistry, he
has positioned his business for a digital future by carving out a unique
business model for his implant-focused education and laboratory
outsource center.

“We have married CBCT technology and CAD/CAM dentistry into a
comprehensive treatment planning and fabrication process that offers
clinicians and laboratories a complete digital implant resource from
start to finish,” Llop said.


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4 Comments » for Inside Dental Technology – time to be SERIOUS
  1. Isn”t it amazing the advancements we”ve made in dental technology? Thanks for a great informative blog. I look forward to reading your next post.

  2. There are a lot of different technologies coming to the dental industry. New equipment, new software, and new dental recall systems that can really help your dental practice.

  3. Bill says:

    Great blog! I am very excited about the new dental technologies that are being worked on in the dentistry community!

  4. Totally agree with you here. New technology is certainly changing the way things are done and it is very interesting to see what is happening every day in the industry.

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