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Integrate SEO and PR to Increase your Patient Reach

December 12, 2016
by Naren Arulrajah with Vikas Vij, Ekwa Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be the most powerful marketing tool to increase the market reach of your dental practice, but it can do even better when it is combined with a sound public relations (PR) strategy. Search engine algorithms are now adjusted to pick up social signals and online conversations to evaluate how actively your dental website is being talked about and receiving social mentions.

To get into the mind-space of your target audience, you should build a cohesive strategy that integrates the power of SEO, PR and social communication. When SEO and PR work hand in hand, you will see more valuable inbound links happening for your dental website, more activity and exposure on social media, and development of useful online relationships. Regular engagement between the SEO and PR teams can achieve more successful results for your dental online marketing campaign.

For instance, when you are ready to issue a Press Release about a new dental procedure or service, it should be done with the involvement of both PR and SEO experts. Relevant links and localized keywords must be infused in the press release to achieve more targeted results. The SEO and PR can work together to disseminate the press release for a wider distribution and impact.

Some innovative SEO service providers also include PR services as a part of their service package. They can help to create PR content that is SEO friendly and has a longer life and search value in the online space. They will apply the search engine optimization techniques not just to your dental website, but also across other online communication channels, including PRs.

SEO experts can offer competitor online activity analysis and link building research to equip the public relations team with new, targeted online destinations where the dental related news and information can be submitted, and events, opinions, stories and industry insights can be highlighted. SEO professionals can identify market gaps and opportunities that can be leveraged by the dental PR team to the marketing advantage of the dental practice.

About the Author
Naren Arulrajah is President and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, a complete Internet marketing company which focuses on SEO, social media, marketing education and the online reputations of dentists. With a team of 140+ full time marketers, www.ekwa.com  helps dentists who know where they want to go get there by dominating their market and growing their business significantly year after year. If you have questions about marketing your practice online, call 855-598-3320 to speak one-on-one with Naren.

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