Intraoffice Dental Practice Communication System – It’s getting better all the time..

BlueNote Status is a peer-to-peer intraoffice communication software
that unifies both small and large dental practices in their own local
social network. With a low cost for licensing, a short learning
curve, and excellent reputation for customer service, BlueNote Status,
Premade Software’s latest evolution in messaging systems, creates
seamless workflow for patient arrivals and seating.

Key Features of Blue Note Status include:

  • Send and receive typed messages
  • DND – do not disturb prevents Status from interrupting other software programs when charting or taking radiographs
  • Statuses – locations with active status messages
  • Doorbell alerts for the next patient’s arrival
  • Phone call alerts to pass calls on hold from one business team member to another
  • Send out urgent alerts for emergencies or unanswered requests
  • Location Colors to designate workgroups
  • No monthly fees
  • Works alongside practice management systems
  • Especially designed for dental practices
  • No server is required

Pricing starts at $288 for an entire practice, making BlueNote Status
an easy decision for any office, whether computers have been present in
operatories for many years or an office is going digital for the first

The software is free to download and use for the first 30 days at

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