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iPad 3 With New ‘Retina Display’ to Be Announced in March, Say Reports

February 9, 2012
by ken

By Matt Peckham, PCWorld    Feb 9, 2012 8:36 AM

Let’s you and I bet that some organization in Canada is waking up to the reality that iPADS are going to litter dental offices and bringing informatics to those iPADS is a superior way of effecting governance, education, et al to member dentists of this as yet to be determined Canadian/Provincial Dental Association – I would expect that it will be coming soon……..watch for it……cuz if it ain’t coming soon, then I suggest we elect Rob Ford as the exec director of the CDA……

It’s iPad 3 fever all over again today as unconfirmed reports of an iPad 3 launch in early March circulate online. Adding to the excitement is alleged leaked pictures of Apple’s next-gen iPad “retina display” made by Sharp.

Where would we be without Apple rumors, leaks, and shameless speculation? Probably calmer and better informed, so I’m not betting much on this purported snap of the next iPad’s multi-touch screen. Additionally, according to AllThingsD, Apple is planning to roll out its next iPad in March. We have heard these roll-out rumors before. Last time the Internet worked its way into an iPad tizzy the iPad was set to launch in February. That turned out to be balderdash.

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