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Is Groupon right for your practice? IPO may value company at 20 billion

May 11, 2011
by ken

Yes, that’s billion with a B……Dr. Evil

From Dr. Bicuspid – by Dan Tynan – May 11, 2011

The first time Chris Bowman, DDS, offered
a Groupon deal — an at-home whitening service for just $77 — more
than 200 new patients signed up.

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But nearly 90% of those who showed up said
they already had a dentist they liked, said Dr. Bowman, owner of
Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, NC. Prepping the whitening trays was a
“ton of work,” he said, and the online group coupon service produced
very few patients interested in long-term care.

But Dr. Bowman was undeterred. The next time he used Groupon, he
offered a choice of treatments for $89, with hefty discounts for
patients who signed up for veneers or Invisalign procedures. Again more
than 200 people signed up,but this time the patients proved to be of a
much higher caliber,he said.

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