It never rains, but what it pours

There are two potentially cataclysmic events today……the first is the possibility that Bristol Palin may win Dancing with the Stars and in all candour, the Decline and Fall of the American Empire must then be written by someone from Fox News and once again, the media is doing the “sky is falling, sky is falling” chicken dance in order to increase subscription.  Isn’t it time that EVERYONE involved with cone beam tomography simply stated the obvious…the use of  a periapical film
or a cephalograph or a cone-beam CT scan warrants professional
judgment as to whether the image is warranted.  You can’t teach ethics……you can try, but check the

Fair & Balanced graphic used in 2005

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registration at ethics courses…..and a one time certification course won’t cut the mustard either.  All these toys, these wonderful toys demand that we as a profession make sure that our foundation is sound, our biologic principles and understanding occupy the forefront in all things and product articles need to be called what they are – INFOMERCIALS – they are not evidence based science on technique and biomimetics.  It’s time to open a real dialogue on cbCT usage and the most simplistic way to do that is the commentary on a blog.  It’s not CNN and the boobirds will realize very quickly that it’s their COLLEAGUES listening in…..thus…..tread light, but tread……….CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND THEN COMMENT………please.

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