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It won’t get any better than this!

I’ve been working on this railroad for almost two years and I’ve shared cases from Dr. Marga Ree of the Netherlands on many occasions. She is without pareil in the world of endodontics and she is going to be a few hour’s plane flight away in March. If you feel the need for a weekend in NYC, then let the significant other go shopping on Saturday, I’m sure he could use a new pair of shoes, and call 212.777.7777 and take the car service to New Jersey, baddabing, baddaboom and learn baby learn.  You can access the link off www.rxroots.com or http://www.njendo.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=42&Itemid=22 – double click on image. The beauty of this as well, is that it is being simulcast……ah, Stevie, sob, sob, Going Mobile by the WHO should be the theme song on this blog entry……hmmmm, wait a minute.







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