It’s the singer, not the song REDUX

This has nothing and everything to do with dentistry.  Talent is talent irrespective of where it is demonstrated, by whom and regardless of the tools/toys, there still must be innate skill and the ability to anticipate and see the big picture in order to ensure success.  Consider the relevance of this clip as you will; however, you might consider using the video clip below as a Morning Huddle feature piece. No matter how impossible the situation, no matter how behind the eight ball you may feel, go the extra mile, make the extreme effort and it will without question validate the obvious; it’s always the singer not the song.  The different camera angles drive home the point that your perspective changes everything. From the outset, it looks like an impressive effort by Pekka Rinne, but wait until you see it from behind the net. You can appreciate that by pushing off his left foot, Pekka executes what might be more appropriate for a short stop stopping a line drive……ergo, it’s how the song was sung.  Use the analogy with patients in difficult situations; tried and true may be acceptable, but adaptability,nuance and “juking” wins the game.