Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is the most important diagnostic tool to be
afforded dental diagnosis since Professor Roentgen published his paper,
“On A New Kind of Rays” in 1895.  Although many have been quick
to see the value of CBCT and have adopted its use enthusiastically, there are
those who are still not availing themselves of this new tool. As with all new
opportunities, there are even some individuals and groups who have, for their
own reasons, adopted their own negative views on CBCT use. The most inane
example of this reactionary attitude being perhaps the bureaucratic foot
dragging which prevents practitioners in 
Ontario from
making use of this 
Pervasive access without preliminary certification to CBCT is simply not
possible in Ontario, and patients and practitioners in that province are
denied the diagnostic benefits of CBCT. 

Practitioners that have not adopted CBCT are taking more radiographs in order
to properly diagnose and treat common issues. For example, the average
endodontist takes three to four radiographs to accurately capture the tooth’s pulp chamber and
periodontists will routinely take 22 films to monitor bone level, which is
typically equal to 0.2 millisieverts (Source: Adapted from Frederiksen NLX-Rays: What is the Risk? Texas Dental
Journal. 1995;112(2):68-72)  By adopting advanced digital imaging systems,you will not only improve your diagnostic abilities but also provide numerous
benefits for patients,including reduced exposure to radiation, lowered cost
and time savings.

*J’Accuse is the most famous publication in history. It
reversed an egregious injustice and demanded transparency from the military and
government of France in the 1800’s.  In an era where
newspapers were the social networks of the time, it demonstrated, that public
opinion has power and must be valued and understood.  Revolutions
have transpired throughout history over issues comparable to HST. I’m not
advocating anarchy, simply open communication and timely awareness from our
regulatory bodies and our elected association members……..perhaps the time
for an electorate to use polling to make decisions is at hand.

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