John Kalbfleisch – COME ON DOWN!!!

Bumped into John Kalbfleisch at an HPDA society meeting the other day – – if you’re an ODA member – go to this incredible webinar, use the code WEIGL to register and change your practice re; implant driven dentistry, but I digress……pressed the flesh to get some salient ortho material up on this blog…here’s his morning’s email – “In our brief discussions at the Living Arts Centre I congratulated you on your Blog.  You indicated interest in info…but not sure what help I could offer.  For fun, attached is a microimplant video I borrowed from Dolphin as we did mention this.”

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To get this blog off the ground, I’ve been seeking out “anything” that would excite and keep people coming back…..and yet, what was really relevant was on the masthead of Oral Health all along. Now John is not the ortho consultant, but a chance meeting gave you all this vignette ……COMMENT AFTER YOU’VE READ THIS, tell your 100 closest friends to do the same – encourage the editorial and contributing consultants to simply send along items that matter to them, they find interesting and this blog will explode……’s not rocket science,it’s the INTERNET – COMMENT – apathy gets you the world you get whether you want it or not……

CLICK ON THE LINK – it’s an .wmv file – MS media player or updated QuickTime with Flip4Mac

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