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John Lennon’s tooth up for auction

October 21, 2011
by ken

From CNNImagine if we could clone the Walrus………..

New York (CNN) — No one knows whether the
tooth fairy will be in attendance, but a tooth belonging to former Beatle John
Lennon will go on auction in England on November 5.
American comedians have long derided the English about their
teeth, but is anyone going to spend thousands of dollars on what could be one
of the more unusual pieces of Beatles memorabilia? Karen Fairweather, the owner of Omega Auction house,chuckled
when asked why anyone would want to buy the molar and noted that some have expressed
interest,while others think it’s gross.
“We get a lot of people buying memorabilia as
investments,” Fairweather said. “Or it could just be a fan that
really, really wants a part of John Lennon.”

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