Kudos to Nobel Biocare

The vision behind MyDentalChronicles, currently on MyDentalBuddies while we await – drum roll please – the update of the OH server and the move to Word Press blogging software, is in evidence on http://www.nobelbiocare.com/en/resource-library/cases/case-reports.aspx.

Nobel remains without doubt the most visionary and market aware of the implant companies world-wide.  It is my hope, that the same energy and vitality and vision can be brought to MyDentalChronicles. The world of dentistry changes literally daily and it is simply “WRONG” to rely upon representatives to be educators or for guru driven eminence based dentistry to be how we learn on the fly. Who knows better what we need, what our clinical experience teaches than the troops in the field. Ergo, the concept of share and care, no matter how esoteric it may seem, should be the modus operandi of the profession. The real value of MyDentalChronicles and ANY blog where there is social community is there is freedom of information without bias and we have the right to referee the information we receive collegially, not through the auspices of a corporate marketing department.
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