This is not what you call what you do in Los Angeles when
you get tired, nor is it a misspelled APP for setting up a Local Area
Network…..LANAP is an acronym that stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment
.  It has revolutionized
the treatment of gum disease by combining the most effective and established
methods of treatment with the precision use of a special laser.

LANAP itself consists of four simple steps that are much
less traumatic to the teeth and 

Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry: Dental Instruments

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gumline than traditional dental surgery, and
which help the mouth heal much more quickly.

1.  A perio
probe determines the degree of excessive pocket depth and thus helps the
dentist better identify diseased tissue and areas of bacterial infection.

2. The laser then removes this diseased tissue, while the
heat of the laser kills the bacteria.

3. The dentist removes tartar from the root surface using an
ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments

4. The laser is then used to clean the pocket one more time
before sealing it closed against further infection.

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