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Leverage is not a four letter word

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Most health care professionals prioritize patient education, because an educated patient makes wise, informed decisions for treatment. This translates into higher case acceptance rates for your practice.

While personal consultations, combined with videos,images,and print materials, are important in patient education, don’t overlook the most convenient and customized tool in your arsenal: your website and blog.

The Nucleus for Patient Communication

Your website should be created to A) reflect the brand and philosophy of your office; B) increase your visibility to potential patients by appealing to search engines; C) provide a resource for new patients to find your contact information and location; D) provide a resource for current patients to find post operative instructions, office news, and emergency contact information.

You can also integrate your blog, newsletter, and patient recognition program into your website. In some states, and for some medical disciplines, a website also creates an opportunity for patients to share testimonials. In addition to all of this, your website should also provide a custom library of patient education materials, including text, diagrams, images, and/or video.


Medicine is a rapidly evolving field, particularly in this age of technological advancements. Traditional print materials for patient education can quickly become outdated as research, tools, and protocols change.

For instance, if a dentist adds laser periodontal treatment to his treatment options, he may need to find and replace all patient education materials in the office regarding traditional periodontal treatment. At the least, he should supplement the materials with information about the new laser treatment option. On a website, the information can be added instantly. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of search engine optimization for the new procedure.

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