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Levin Group launches dent biz newsletter

November 14, 2010
by ken

It’s been a while since I visited the Levin Group (http://www.levingroup.com); however, an article in Dr. Biscuspid caught my attention and a quick check of the group’s newly redesigned website proved most intriguing.  You should be able to receive the newsletter referenced below by contacting dentalbusinessreview@levingroup.com

From Dr. Bicuspid:

November 10,2010 — Levin Group is now publishing a newsletter focusing on practice management and marketing tips geared for general dentists and specialists. The inaugural issue was sent to more than 100,000 dentists and specialists across the U.S., according to the company. Called Dental Business Review, the newsletter has five different editions for general dentists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, periodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

The newsletter consists of short articles that provide practical, immediately useful information on how a practice can increase production and profitability (with lower stress) to reach its growth potential, the company noted. It will be published every two months and feature a column from Levin Group President and CEO Roger P. Levin, DDS, in which he will share his insights and thoughts on a wide range of issues facing today’s dental practice.

Each issue will also contain regular columns on critical practice management areas, such as case presentation, scheduling, marketing, customer service, collections, overhead, and financial planning and transitions.

“In our current economy, we have found that dentists desperately want tips, ideas, and strategies that can either help get them back on track or grow their practice to an even higher level,” Dr. Levin said in a press release. “Dental Business Review will be a great resource as it delivers real value in an easy-to-read format.”

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