Lindsey Lohan Banned for Dental Sedatives Drugs

I figured that if there was a Lindsay Lohan dental story, it would give some serious street cred to this new blog………so here goes………..Even though Lindsay Lohan has been banned by a Judge from taking
drugs, she underwent anesthesia recently for dental surgery.

She has been ordered by a judge recently to stay away from any kind
of drugs and alcohol, and was fitted with a device that monitors her
alcohol intake and is worn on her ankle in order to keep track of her
intake of alcohol.

The troubled Lindsay was also told that she’d have to submit to drug
testing, conducted at random, as a part of her probation program for her
DUI arrest and conviction.

The sight of the star, who was heavily bandaged emerging from dental
surgery which was assisted by sedatives, seems to go against her

It’s since been revealed, however, that she received special court
permission that it was alright for her to have the dental procedure to
have her wisdom teeth pulled.

Her attorney has stated that the Probation Department has been
advised of her dental appointment that was made long in advance of the
court hearing.

Although wisdom tooth removal is a routine dental procedure, it can
be quite painful and it isn’t uncommon at all for the dentist
to prescribe a sedative during the procedure and prescription pain
killers afterwards.

Upper right wisdom tooth

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It seems as though it is a case of bad timing. Immediately after she
was required to submit to drug testing, conducted at random,she had her
wisdom teeth pulled by a routine dental procedure.

Since her attorney has informed the probation officer she would
provide any documentation about the medications that Lindsay would be
prescribed or administered as part of the routine dental procedure,the
Judge gave her a pass from her probation.

Therefore, whatever she is taking for the pain and whatever she got
in the oral surgeon‘s office won’t count against her on the drug test.

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