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Many who skipped dental visits in the recession now face pricey procedures

July 6, 2011
by ken

At first I had a hard time with this news byte. Palm Beach, home of The Donald, Melania and “Baron”…good thing The Donald will own the school Baron goes to or the schoolyard harassment would be endless. Granted it is from West Palm Beach, however, the gap between rich and poor, the decimation of the middle class is a worthy dental news note, n’est-ce pas? Read it for yourself and ponder upon the socio-economic realities of the world that greed and avarice have shepherded us into.


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

When the economy tanked and some people felt they had to choose between their groceries and their gums, many went with the groceries and skipped those dental cleanings and checkups.

Now, some dentists locally and nationally are reporting a modest return to the waiting room. But few returnees are smiling.

What was once a cavity is now a root canal. What was once a minor inconvenience (with, say, a $150 price tag for the cavity) is now a larger health problem that requires intervention (and can cost $1,000 or more).

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  1. It’s hard seeing people who have had to make tough decisions between keeping up with oral health visits and paying for the other necessities in life. Having to go through the pain and high costs of expensive dental treatment later is awful. Focusing on prevention – good habits in brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings – can really go a long way. Hopefully we can continue to make oral health care priority and focus on costs and access so no one has to go without it.

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