MD Bridge and My Dental Hub are Partnering to Offer Comprehensive Dental Website Marketing Solutions

The growth of CONNECTIVITY in all walks of life and commerce continues unabated as it should.  Please note; some time back Oral Health approached MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles – a case report blog for any dentist who wished to share and care their work product and develop a body of work for Canadian dentists and beyond to learn from one another. Under the auspices of Dr. Reena Gajjar and her team, MyDentalBuddies was created as a strategic collaboration with Oral Health’s website and in particular an addendum to the MOUTHING OFF blog. It was a generous effort on the part of Dr. Gajjar and her team and offered a unique opportunity to let “dentists do it for themselves.” 

The alliance of medical and dental social networking has just taken a huge step forward with the strategic collaboration of MD Bridge and MyDentalHub….it is always purposeful to live in exciting times.

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