Microsoft begs users to leave Windows XP – gives them until 2014 to do it

With the explosion of digitally related technologies, they may well have to add a 5th year to dental school for IT and social media. I wish that Mac was as pervasive in dentistry as it is becoming in the real world, however, tis not so.  Fortunately, I chose to ignore the demon seed of Windows Vista, but I guess I am going to have to give up my reliable (reliable for Microsoft), XP in a few years……

by Jeffrey van Camp – July 12, 2011 – Digital Trends

After a decade, Microsoft is finally ending support for Windows XP, but not for another three years.

In yet another valiant effort to get people off Windows XP and onto Windows 7, Microsoft is finally ending its “extended support” for the decade-old PC operating system. Unlike Apple, however, when Microsoft puts its foot down, it gives users 1,000 days to get out of the way. The company won’t officially stop supporting XP until April 8, 2014-a year and a half after Windows 8 is expected to roll out. The company will not issue any security patches after this date.

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