More dental schools means more dentists – who’s doing the math?

I am completely unaware of the workings of our licensing bodies in Canada, privy only to the mutterings around the table at a study club or society meeting. Mostly, I’m advised about the number of new endodontists coming to Ontario, or the number of dentists trained abroad who are being given “carte blanche” entrance into Canada…I’d be endlessly grateful for those who truly know the “veritas” to share it with the readership in the comments section.

Does the US need more Dental Schools?  By Donna Domino, Associate Editor Dr. Bicuspid
May 23, 2011 — Inadequate access to oral healthcare has divided the dental community over whether more dental schools are needed. Some believe that healthcare reform will create more need for dentists to treat underserved populations, but others argue that huge debt loads will prevent graduates from going where they’re needed most: rural areas or inner city clinics that treat Medicaid patients.

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