More from CEREC 25

Another couple of busy days filled with great speakers and lots of fun!

One of the hardest parts of Friday morning was choosing which of the 15 speakers to go and hear! So I tried to catch a little bit of a few different ones. I heard Dr. Lori Burt speak on “Treatment Planning with CEREC Using a Generational Approach”, which was great! I also had the opportunity to listen to Fred Joyal speak (my first time) and he was so good I even picked up his book, “Everything is Marketing”. Once I get the chance to read it, I’ll let you know what I think in a future blog posting. Dr. Neal Patel was doing a presentation on “The Complete 3D Solution: CEREC & Galileos Fusion” which was excellent! And the entertaining Dr. Mark Hyman gave a great presentation on a “Day in the Life of a Top Gun CEREC Team. If you ever get the opportunity, be sure to catch Mark!

Then it was back to general sessions for the afternoon, which included Dr. Sameer Puri speaking on the “Clinical Uses of CAD/CAM Dentistry” and the last speaker that day was the always dynamic Dr. Paul Homoly.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Dennis Miller, who has some excellent material for the crowd!

I’ll do a final wrap up posting tomorrow but can tell you that so far, this has been a very well-planned and extremely well-attended and enjoyable event!