More Than a Mouthful – Are we putting braces on our kids too soon?

By Susan Bourette from Today‘s Parent

Kristopher Kazmierowski looks every inch a tenderfoot – all freckles and
lanky limbs – until he flashes a surprisingly older smile. At just nine
years old, he is already wearing braces.


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Like thousands of other kids across the country, the Toronto resident
will have been a veteran of the orthodontist‘s office long before all
his baby teeth have fallen out. Yet, apart from having to forgo popcorn
and gum, the grade-four student says he doesn’t mind the thin metal wire
spanning his four adult front teeth.

His mother, Margaret, says she didn’t think twice when the orthodontist
suggested early treatment for Kristopher’s overbite. In fact, it won’t
be long before one of his younger brothers, six-year-old Joshua, also
gets devices to correct his overbite.”It is expensive but my husband and
I feel that it’s essential for the boys’ self-confidence,” she says.
“Having a nice smile is the first thing people notice.”

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