More Veritas – Tooth Movement: Health Science or Unhealthy Cosmetics?

From Dental Tribune

Moving teeth with braces has long been considered a permanent
‘cure’ to crowded teeth. However, we now know that this traditional
approach is neither permanent, nor a cure.

The literature now accepts that the only way
to ensure satisfactory alignment is by use of fixed or removable
retention for life;(1) Orthodontics has thus proven its reliance on
these interventions.

When we graduate as dentists or specialists we are all implicitly
bound to honor the trust placed in us as medical professionals.

Despite this, traditional orthodontics may cause root resorption,
enamel damage, exacerbate periodontal disease, increase the chance of
caries and devitalize teeth.(2) After this begins the need for lifelong
maintenance of permanent retainers, the burden of which is borne by both
the patient and the dental practitioner.

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