Multidimensional Imaging: Immediate and Imminent Issues

by Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, MBA, DSc; William C. Scarfe, BDS,MS,FRACDS; and Michiel van Genuchten, PhD

While dentistry of the future will likely include interventions such as biologic scaffolding and tissue regeneration, dentistry of the present and near future will continue to be based on the orthodontic movement of teeth and the prosthetic reconstruction and restoration of damaged and missing teeth. The digital era for implant- and tooth-supported prosthetics based on computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has matured in the past two decades, mostly due to the market-driven development of various generations of visible light impressions. Prior to these developments, clinicians relied on physicochemical impressions and stone models on which to fabricate indirect restorations. Chairside CAD/CAM restoration fabrication, while now mainstream, is still employed by the minority of clinicians. Most certainly, CAD/CAM will grow rapidly at chairside or will be provided by centralized milling laboratories. Similarly, digital data transfer of impressions directly from the mouth and virtual modeling are increasingly being used for planning and executing orthodontic tooth movements.

and yet, in Ontario – NOT IN ANY OTHER PROVINCE IN CANADA – the first course at U of T is being held in January – $2000.00 – limited to 40 dentists – do the math….not online, 2 days and a 3rd day by appointment. There are close to 8000 practitioners in Ontario – again, do the math……why this isn’t being done online to learn a digital medium with certification by online evaluation and if necessary compulsory recertification online is beyond this author…again, do the math….the intention is not to be dismissive, castigatory or desultory, however, it is to challenge a decision that appears to be draconian and to a greater or lesser degree self-serving… long can anyone justify holding off standard of care when it is simply not representative of the decision of the regulatory bodies in the rest of the country….wonder if I can withhold my taxes that pay for the per diem of HARP members….where is Joan Baez when you need her.

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