My Dental Buddies and Mouthing Off – sitting in a tree – e, l, e, a,rning

Over the top kudos to Melissa Summerfield and the always insurpassable Catherine Wilson for the future development of Oral Health in all its various manifestations. Oral Hygiene is coming to the fore thanks to their efforts and the links to MyDentalChronicles, a component of MyDentalBuddies (an alliance with MyDentalHub) is well underway. Word on the street is that OHJ is about to go to Word Press for it’s platform and is about to be revised and SOCIAL NETWORKING HERE WE COME!!!!  Huzzah, huzzah!!

Below is a sampling of what social networking can do, prompt, proliferate and take to the LIMIT!!!
Share and care is the way of a sound world, we want jobs, not watered down debt reduction – now where did that come from????????

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