Nano Bridging Molecules SA Receives CE Marking Certification for its SurfLink® Dental Product

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Gland, Vaud, Switzerland, 05/17/2011 – Nano Bridging Molecules SA, A Swiss med-tech company announced that it has received CE Mark (Conformité Européenne) approval to begin marketing its SurfLink® Dental product –


With its bio mimicking properties, SurfLink® Dental has been shown to allow for natural and permanent integration of dental implants for the first time. Bone seems to perceive the SurfLink® Dental product as ‘body-like’ and integrates the implant with a natural healing process,resulting in a quicker healing and a more stable integration,than without this product.

“Having the CE mark on our SurfLink® Dental product will give us a great entry opportunity into the European market to combine SurfLink® with dental and maxillo-facial implants,” said Björn-Owe Aronsson. “The CE mark is also recognized globally as an indicator of high product quality control and good manufacturing management.” The CE marking allows NBM to freely sell and distribute its products throughout the 28 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). It declares that SurfLink® Dental product fulfils the requirements under the Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.

About SurfLink® Dental
The SurfLink® product per se is a chemical compound made up of multi-phosphonated molecules. Chemically bonded to implant surfaces prior to surgery, these molecules ‘naturally fuse’ implants to surrounding human tissue. In terms of practical application, SurfLink® technology will not only provide for a far more stable anchoring of implants to bone, but also for a quicker integration of the implant after insertion into bone. This gives rise to the exciting prospect of SurfLink® technology making implants available to patient groups that are today prevented from using them due to deficient bone quality.

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