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New Orascoptic Endeavor

December 26, 2011
by ken

By Marty Jablow – he rocks!!! As to the featured image, just proves, that anyone can have 15 minutes of fame
in the spotlight, even the most egregious, self-serving, solipsistic, pervericating buffoon….I’m just saying _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Orascoptic’s lightest & smallest light system ever! For over 30 years, Orascoptic has been a leader in lighting innovation. Applying advanced technology, Orascoptic has created the Endeavour™, a high resolution headlight system that incorporates today’s best technology at an affordable price.
  • Compact and lightweight for comfort. Designed with comfort in mind, the compact light and battery unit allow you to focus on your patients.
  • Innovative “Gumdrop” technology. The miniature light delivers a high quality focused beam for better visibility during treatment and diagnosis.
  • Advanced Light-Touch controls allow you to easily and quickly adjust light settings without reaching into a coat or pants pocket.
  • Four-year warranty on the LED and cable, and one-year warranty on the battery unit.