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No. 36/No. 19 – Website innovations and Office design

May 28, 2011
by ken

Spent Friday afternoon at the AGO – Musee des Beaux-Arts de l’Ontario for our Francophone readers.  Exhibition on Abstract Expressionists, Jack the Dripper Pollock, Mark Rothko, de Kooning, Newman and Krasner et al……just brilliant. 

But i

Mark Rothko

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t was Rothko who stunned me the most. Always been a fan, but it was the docent’s description of his vision and his sensibility that caught my attention.  His work appears simple on immediate viewing, but then as you continue to stare, you realize he is indeed “expressing the big emotions”, the picture and it’s tonality expresses an experience.

The point as it relates to dentistry is that if one views his body of work, the paintings literally become mood descriptions and have very specific application to office interiors re; colour both primary and ancillary. The less vibrant works, the plum, the brown,the black et al interspersed are very dramatic and the emotions evoked are consistent with the imperative of office design.  I realize that for some this may appear off the wall,but many things evoke response in people and patient’s are people.
As well, I chanced upon a UK site on website design. The use of video and it’s importance in creating the sense of your office.  It is very much of value to those who have sites and are looking to refurbish them or those in the midst of designing one.  

Everything is grist for the mill, it’s how you distill it down that makes the difference.

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