NobelProcera™ Implant Bar Overdenture

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Experience state-of-the-art CADCAM prosthetics, where quality and precision goes hand in hand with cost efficiency. Implant bar supported dentures is a proven prosthetic solution and now with NobelProcera™ this is taken to a new restorative level. NobelProcera™ bars set new standards. They are individually designed using 3D prosthetic driven software, industrially milled from a solid biocompatible monobloc of titanium and delivered highly polished and ready to use. Thanks to precision milling these bars exhibit exceptional fit, ideal load transfer and long-term stable screw joints. In addition, a TorqTite® clinical carbon-coated titanium screw is supplied, which provides a stable long-term screw connection and ideal preload conditions. The NobelProcera™ implant bars offer excellent versatility and are suitable for a wide variety of attachment types and therefore meet the requirements of most clinical situations. NobelProcera™ bars are subject to stringent quality controls and come with a five-year warranty. Nobel Biocare offers safe, reliable and scientifically proven solutions for all clinical and budgetary needs.Excellent wearing comfort for the patients’ benefit

NobelProcera™ bars are milled from biocompatible titanium alloy. Titanium is four times lighter than gold, providing a maximum of wearing comfort. The high stable denture ensures excellent chewing comfort. The high strength of the titanium restoration makes it highly resistant to cantilever fracture. Compared with conventional procedures, the milling process is characterized by an absence of soldering or welding seams. Hereby ensuring
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consistent precision of fit, from 2 to 12 implants. Tissue contact surfaces are delivered highly polished to facilitate oral hygiene.

Furthermore for those for cases with significant bone and soft tissue loss, NobelProcera™ Implant Bar Overdenture is a less traumatic and beneficial rehabilitation solution.
Precision, speed and cost efficiency in manufacturing Using the NobelProcera™ System the master cast and wax setup are sent in for centralized scanning. In a near future the NobelProcera™ scanner can be used for in-house scanning in the dental laboratory. The NobelProcera™ CAD software is then used to design the implant bar tailored specifically to the patient’s needs and the prevailing indication. The software offers a wide selection of bars and attachment types covering cases from the simple to highly complex and design tools enabling 3D prosthetic visualization for optimal bar design. Once completed, the design is transmitted directly to a NobelProcera™ production facility via the Internet, where the bar is precision milled using sophisticated CAM technology. The highly advanced milling process eliminates the porosity issues so common with conventional casting procedures. The ready-to-use bar is shipped to the dental laboratory complete with clinical screws and attachments. The laboratory finalizes the restoration and expeditiously sends it to the restorative clinician.
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