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MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA: For the latest dental care
products, there was plenty to learn, see and do at the 39th annual
Journées dentaires internationales du Québec (JDIQ). The exhibit hall
floor was teeming with dental professionals seeking new and innovative
materials. The goal was to seek out products to improve efficiency, make
treatment easier and improve patient care.

Continuing education is vitally important to
dental professionals, who continually strive to offer ever better care
to their patients. That’s why events like the meting in Montreal are so
valuable. The meeting offered dozens of educational opportunities.

From endodontics to dental implants, digital radiography to CAD/CAM
technology, local anesthesia to the latest advances in cosmetic
dentistry — no matter what area an attendee wanted to focus on there was
a lecture, workshop or seminar at JDIQ to designed to help expand any
knowledge base.

In addition to the many courses available, there were also a number
of poster presentations, where dental students presented the results of
their research.

Exhibit hall

More than 300 exhibiting companies participated in the meeting. Here
is just a sampling of the many products that were available:

At the Medicom booth, two products made their Canadian debut: the
Duraflor Halo and the SAFE-SEAL duet sterilization pouches. The Duraflor
Halo, which was released in the United States about 18 months ago and
just received its NHP certification, is a 5 percent sodium fluoride
white varnish that offers the highest allowable fluoride concentration.
The best part of it, though, according to Medicom Senior Brand Manager
Elisabeth Masse, is that the fluoride goes on clear, leaving no visible
traces that it was ever there.

As for the SAFE-SEAL duet, the self-sealing pouches come with two
indicators that change color as the sterilization heat process occurs,
offering proof that the product is working.

At the Vident booth, the focus was on the new RealLife block for
highly esthetic anterior restorations. According to the company, the
reproductions are identical to natural teeth, the software offers a lot
of design flexibility and no additional characterization or
individualization is required.

Lips Inc. offered a new approach to marketing. At the company’s
booth, meeting attendees could choose lip balm in 30 different flavors,
from peppermint and strawberry to the more exotic blueberry pomegranate
and white cranberry. By adding a customized label to the lip balm,
dentists can essentially make them a business card that patients can use
on a daily basis.

Anyone who has ever had a sore back at the end of a workday could
find comfort from the ergonomic experts at Posiflex, a company that was
busy helping attendees with adjustable chairs that are designed to
greatly reduce the physical stress associated with a long day of working
on patients’ teeth.

For those mho might be too busy to send a broken handpiece out for
repair, there was Turbine Expert and High Speed Service, a company that
operates a mobile van that will bring certified experts directly to your
practice to fix your broken handpiece on the spot. Talk about

The meeting was held 29 May to 1 June.

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