Now is the time for all good dentists to come to the aid of your country’s premier journal

Before I prattle on, please review YOU TUBE vignette on this posting….
We are in the midst of revising the website, making it chockablock with social media CONNECTIVITY, the future of all communications and education worldwide……..textbooks are soon to disappear in S. Korea, Apple is soon to be the largest company in the world in terms of gross sales, not the largest tech company – do the math and extrapolate the impact of social media on your clinical practice.

If Oral Health were to create a YOUTUBE Channel, would you participate?  Would the industry support it? The Channel would showcase innovations in the dental service mix and look to the landscape of Canadian dentists to be the moderators on these 5 minute vignettes. If you are interested,the line forms to the right.  The same can be said of MyDentalChronicles and sharing and caring your clinical work.  There is a new world of informatics in our professional world and we can lead it or follow it.  Following sometimes just takes you over the cliff. In my favorite expression from Order of Canada George Zarb – let’s take the seminal path and find new vistas and horizons.  COMMENT, vote with your mouse.

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