Now THAT’S what I’m blathering about!!!!!

As indicated, there is an initiative being advocated for to create a CLINICAL eCHRONICLE of TREATMENT OUTCOMES……..the industry will be solicited to identify the strength from within their endusers in all disciplines and direct content as you see it here, with perhaps a bit more fleshed out wording to the commentary. As a result, in addition to the excellent researched articles in the monthly print media publication, there will be a literally daily content driver eCHRONICLE.  If you read this, then post a comment. It hasn’t happened, it’s in the seminal stages, but SOCIAL NETWORKING is the bomb!!!…and all it would take is enough commentary to suggest that hey, this is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of, OR, I would love to see more and more of this on a regular basis……..

Here’s a recent minimal prep veneer case we finished a month or so ago.
Its an all eMax case with lots of laser gum BBQ‘ing.


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