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July 15, 2010
By: Rosemary Frei,M.Sc.

Canadian children who need dental treatment wait far too long to receive that care, according to the Wait Time Alliance’s 2010 Report Card, released in June.

“We didn’t really have an idea of the scope of the problem until now.”
— James Wright, M.D., University of

From the beginning of 2009 to the end, 9,785 children underwent dental procedures at 15 pediatric academic hospitals participating in the wait-time checkup, according to the report. Most of the treatment was for early childhood caries (ECC). Another 4,608 (32% of the total) had to wait more than a year to receive the treatments they needed.

The report’s authors gave pediatric dentistry a D grade for having the lowest percentage of cases completed within their specified target window in 2009 among 10 fields of surgery. The only other discipline that received a D was pediatric ophthalmology. This is because 25.4% of children slated to have ophthalmic surgery in 2009 were still waiting to have surgery as of December.

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