Only in the UK you say – pity!!

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A Recent Call for New Ideas for Health Apps Just Started in UK

Andrew Lansley, Health Secretary of the UK,recently initiated a call for the design of new innovative health apps that could help patients make better decisions about their oral health and dental care. Ideas are welcomed from patients,doctors, dentists, and nurses, in addition to app developers.

Among the new health apps presently available which may serve as a good model, is Choosing Well‘, which provides help in finding health care providers. ‘Choosing Well‘ was designed by NHS Yorkshire & Humber. The app basically guides patients towards their nearest NHS health service providers.

Mr. Lansley, as a part of the new campaign for ideas, encouraged the public to come and choose their favorite current health appsHe said “We want to give people better access to information that will put them in control of their health and help make informed choices about their healthcare.” He continued “Over the next six weeks, we want to hear from patients, health professionals and budding app developers on their ideal new app. This is a unique opportunity for the NHS and those who develop apps to not only showcase their work but bring to life new ideas and realize true innovation in healthcare.


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