Open invitation to all Practice Management gurus in Canada

The Levin Group has a spectacular feature on – Practice Success….the item below is the latest…..I’d sincerely like to open this blog up to Canada’s finest and showcase their practice assistance efforts and commentary…….please contact me at any time and let’s keep 

A collection of RCMP souvenirs from around Canada.

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Canadian dentist in the know – how?

Practice Success

Dos and don’ts for customer service: Gauging patient satisfaction

Just how happy are your patients? How can you be sure? Knowing where your patients stand is vital to practice growth.

Survey patients. The fastest way to ascertain patient satisfaction is through patient surveys. Many dentists have only a vague notion of how patients truly feel about their practices. Without specific data, patient satisfaction is difficult to gauge.

For years, many practices have measured patient satisfaction with a tool such as Levin Group’s “Why You Should Take This Survey” brochure. It is no coincidence that offices scoring extremely high in these patient satisfaction surveys are often the most successful practices in the U.S.

Don’t ignore dissatisfied patients. Sometimes, even under the best circumstances, patient dissatisfaction occurs. Given today’s social media environment, a dissatisfied patient can then create a negative review of the doctor on sites such as Yelp.

Remember that a problem is an opportunity to improve performance. When a problem is resolved quickly and properly, the relationship between the practice and patient can be maintained and strengthened. Patients need to understand that a practice cares about their problem and that finding an appropriate solution is the priority. Working with patients to create positive outcomes will build trust and, most importantly, maintain their relationship with the practice.

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