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Orthodontic Treatment System: Groundbreaking Advances with SureSmile 6.0

March 24, 2012
by ken

OraMetrix unveiled the newest version of its signature orthodontic planning technology SureSmile 6.0 at its annual users conference that began yesterday in Grapevine, Texas. Dallas, TX, March 03, 2012 –(PR.com)– SureSmile is a digital technology that equips orthodontists with a powerful diagnostic, treatment and monitoring tool to deliver the most precise, customized orthodontic care available. “SureSmile 6.0 enables orthodontists, for the first time, to diagnose cases and plan movement with a thorough understanding of the 3D spatial relationship of tooth roots in the surrounding bone. Until now, orthodontists could only estimate how their treatment will affect root positions in the supporting bone. This new capability will revolutionize how orthodontists plan and treat patients,” said Chuck Abraham, President & CEO OraMetrix, in his opening remarks to the conference attendees. Orthodontists using the beta version of SureSmile since October 2011 have called the technology revolutionary and game changing. A recent study of 36 patients from 6 practices, the treating doctors asserted that all treatment plans were changed based on the modeled bone. “6.0 really opened my eyes when I took that first patient that should treat out without a problem,” explains Dr. Eric Howard of Long Orthodontic Associates in Lancaster, PA. “I imposed the straight wire appliance on him and looked at the root positions and realized I violated the boundary conditions set by the bone modeling.” Dr. Manny Lamichane of Long Orthodontic Associates says, “By adding bone to 6.0 we plan our cases completely different. For the first time we are nailing the diagnosis on every patient.” According to Dr. Pravin Patel, craniofacial surgeon at Shriner Children’s Hospital in Chicago, IL, “What’s unique about SureSmile 6.0 is that for the first time we are able to integrate virtual movement of the teeth with virtual skeletal surgery. Dr. Jacobson (of Jacobson Orthodontics in Chicago, IL) sits at his office and I sit at my office and we are able to plan it all on the web. He is looking at the occlusion and I am looking at the anatomy. Together we come up with a finalized treatment plan optimized for our kids. I really think this will be the future for surgery.”