Orthodontics and Occlusion

From Dentinal Tubules – Ian Hutchinson – Ortho Expert

This article is not intended to give advice or guidance on occlusion
but to merely raise a few points that would be worthy of debate.  I make
no bones about the fact that my knowledge on occlusion is limited
compared to that of the Restorative brigade, hey I ‘m just an
Orthodontist and we use our elbows as articulators! 

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So where to start?  For many Orthodontists, their training has seen
them complete Oral Surgery positions and then go straight into
Specialist training as an Orthodontist.  Unless they have undertaken
some Restorative positions first, or currently work alongside a
Restorative Specialist, then the importance of occlusion is often
overlooked.  As long as the plaster on the table looks good and there is
good inter-cuspation then what’s the problem?

Many GDP/Restorative clinicians complain about the final orthodontic
result so why is there a problem?  Here are a few of the possible

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