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June 2, 2010 News Dental Trauma

Share and care

by ken

It is NOT my intention to use this blog to proselytize. It IS my intention to use this blog to heighten awareness of how increasingly broad the dental educational landscape is becoming because there are no borders, no geographical or

June 1, 2010 News CAD/CAM

Validating trends – Consider the advocate……..

by ken

Cadent and The Pankey Institute Establish iTero Grant Program Image via CrunchBase CARLSTADT, N.J. – April. 16, 2010 – Cadent, the leading provider of 3-D digital and CAD/CAM solutions for orthodontics and dentistry, announced today the establishment of a grant

May 31, 2010 News Periodontology

Little-Known Mouth Fluid May Lead to Test for Gum Disease

by ken

ScienceDaily (May 28, 2010) — A little-known fluid produced in tiny amounts in the gums, those tough pink tissues that hold the teeth in place, has become a hot topic for scientists trying to develop an early, non-invasive test for

May 29, 2010 News General News

Take a walk on the blog side

by ken

The first news blog was Michael Kinsey’s SLATE – BLOGS now abound from the Huffington Post to Al Jazeera, from the Tea Party to the Party Hearty…..pick a topic, pick a need, there is a blog and they are exponentiating……….DENTISTRY

May 28, 2010 News Practice management

GPS dentistry: Discover your direction and destination

by ken

In the course of looking for information on “green” office design, I identified several interesting websites and an article from Dental Economics worth reposting…… Image via Wikipedia http://www.practicedesigngroup.com http://www.unthank.comhttp://www.burkhartdental.com Each provided an interesting feature – floor plans, design, et al…..but

May 27, 2010 News CAD/CAM

CAD/CAM – deep in the heart of Texas

by ken

DALLAS, USA: Dentistry will be presented bigger than ever on the world’s largest high-definition screen. That’s according to organizers of CADapalooza ’10, an event scheduled for 17-19 June at the new Cowboys Stadium in Texas. Dental professionals are invited to

May 26, 2010 News Practice management

Dental Websites – cgi has arrived

by ken

http://pinerundental.com – one of the more unique dental websites – this blogger – has seen – virtual tour with a virtual tour guide…..does this provide a more personalized web experience for the visitor – your comments are welcome. Image by

May 26, 2010 News Implantology

NobelProcera™ Implant Bar Overdenture

by ken

This is a product news release from Nobel and it reads as such….the blog does not promote or support the product……the intent is rather to pursue readership that may wish to share cases (reports) on these products as a component

May 26, 2010 News Stem cell research

Columbia University announces break-through in tooth regeneration

by ken

by Daniel Zimmerman NEW YORK, USA/LEIPZIG, Germany: Dental implants could soon become a secondary choice for replacing natural teeth. According to new research from the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University in New York, three-dimensional scaffolds infused with stem

May 25, 2010 News Practice management

Excellence through Customer Experience Management

by ken

The Customer’s Point of View ANALYSIS BY: Linda McIntosh Introduction How often do we contact customer support thinking that our problems/frustrations are going to be solved only to realize it has only just begun? We’ve all been there. When we

May 24, 2010 News Stem cell research

Tissue engineering

by ken

A Feasibility of Useful Cell-Based Therapy by Bone Regeneration with Deciduous Tooth Stem Cells, Dental Pulp Stem Cells, or Bone-Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Clinical Study Using Tissue Engineering Technology Yamada Y, Nakamura S et al…..March 8, 2010This study investigated

May 24, 2010 News Stem cell research

Dental stem cell potential explored

by ken

The purpose of this blog for now is to stimulate commentary that leads to postings of the latest information on the topics under discussion. The goal is collaboration from Canadian dentists on their wants and needs. It will find it’s

May 24, 2010 News Cone beam computed tomography

I’m confused – why will certification for cbCT be “in camera”?

by ken

ABSTRACT Learning with web-based interactive objects: An investigation into student perceptions of effectiveness Salajan FD, Perschbacher S, Cash M,Talwar R,El-Badrawy W, Mount GJ In its efforts to continue the modernization of its curriculum, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of

May 24, 2010 News General News

So you wanna be a rock n’roll star……….

by ken

“When I’ll grow up, I’m going to be a doctor.” Can you remember hearing that from youngsters (or maybe even yourself when you were a tender age)? Children have it clear in their minds that occupying this noble profession is

May 23, 2010 News Pathology

Oral Cancer Review

by ken

Almost all oral cancers start in the cells lining the oral cavity (the mouth). These cells, which are flat and scale-like, are called squamous cells. When a cancer begins in these cells, it is known as a squamous cell carcinoma.

May 20, 2010 News Implantology

Straumann receives technology award

by ken

Straumann receives Frost & Sullivan Medical Device Technology of the Year Award for Roxolid® Basel, 18 May 2010:  At an official ceremony in London, Straumann, a global leader in regenerative, restorative and replacement dentistry, was presented with the 2009 ‘Medical

May 20, 2010 News Implantology

Is there a Tea Party blogger in Canada??

by ken

A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges from the New York Times…….equal time will be allocated for Ms. Palin or her equivalent in Canada The intent of the posting is to elicit discussion and comment. By Jane E. Brody If

May 20, 2010 News Periodontology

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

by ken

2011-12-12 06:22:46

May 19, 2010 News General News

Time for comments…….life in a vacuum kinda sucks

by ken

The world is flat, it’s a global economy, loyalty to the company is a thing of the past, we’ll all be working as contract players, it’s a new economy, learn Mandarin, yadda and yadda.  No one can predict the future…….if

May 18, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

Trends in Dental Education

by ken

The American Dental Education Association provides a fascinating overview of slideshow links assessing the trends and changes expected to occur in dental education over the coming years.  http://www.adea.org/publications/TrendsinDentalEducation/SlideshowsandArticleLinks/Pages/default.aspx We are all responsible to our profession to sustain it’s future..a worthwhile