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August 13, 2010 News General News

National Museum of Dentistry – Mouthpower rules!

by ken

The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry, an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution,is a lively national center where visitors learn the importance of a healthy smile and the rich history of dentistry. Considered America’s premier national museum dedicated

August 13, 2010 News Social networking

Yoo Toob Primer on Social Networking

by ken

Interesting series of You Tube videos…….detailing use of Facebook for social networking. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F2FD82737700C818 Connected Culture Blog Keep up to date with the progress of Jerry Allocca’s much anticipated new book Connected Culture: The Art of Communicating with the Digital Generation.

August 12, 2010 News Periodontology

Landmark dental school study uses genetic test to help predict gum disease

by ken

 Contact: Laura Bailey, (734) 647-1848 or (734) 764-1552, baileylm@umich.edu                Erin Walsh, (781) 419-4707, ewalsh@ilgenetics.com   ANN ARBOR, Mich.—University of Michigan School of Dentistry  has signed an agreement with Interleukin Genetics Inc. to conduct

August 12, 2010 News Implantology

Mike Pikos “is movin’ on up…..”

by ken

PALM HARBOR, FL, August 11, 2010 /Dental PR News/ — World-renowned oral surgeon and educator Michael A. Pikos, DDS, (www.DrMichaelAPIkos.com) has chosen Safety Harbor Resort and Spa as the new home for The Pikos Implant Institute. “We are very pleased to

August 10, 2010 News Women in dentistry

Women in Dentistry – Profiles

by ken

This first of a series of entries will showcase those in our profession with XX chromosomes who are bringing new ideas and innovation to the practice of Dentistry: Shannon L. Pace, CDA a National and International Speaker and published author

August 9, 2010 News Cone beam computed tomography

Conebeam tomography – we hardly knew yee laddie…

by ken

http://www.conebeam.com/home Shhhh if you’re from Ontario – don’t tell anyone that you’re reading this or more importantly, checking out the blog ….especially the case study section because learning to use cbCT online isn’t how you’re going to be certified in

August 8, 2010 News General News

Picture, picture on the wall…how’d you get so wide and tall

by ken

….New York Times – While digital cameras have largely shoved aside film cameras, how we store and show off our snapshots has changed little since the heyday of Kodachrome. Overstuffed shoeboxes have simply been replaced with cluttered hard drives and

August 8, 2010 News Endodontics

A Tale of Two biocomplexCITIES – Dr. Terry Pankuk

by ken

   For comment – a blog serves many purposes; increasingly as as social networking becomes part of the culture and fabric of dental education,it will provide literal 24/7/365 interaction on the part of the profession in all its multivariate components.

August 7, 2010 News Orthodontics

Mind the gap – although it does save on floss

by ken

Science Daily – August 3, 2010 – Mark this one down as a parental nightmare. First,your child gets her tongue pierced. Then,as if you needed something else, she starts “playing” with the tiny barbell-shaped stud, pushing it against her upper

August 5, 2010 News Practice management

Top 5 Social Media Myths Debunked

by ken

by Peter Wylie Published June 10,2010 It’s time to debunk the big myths that are keeping business owners and marketers on the social media sidelines. As with any new technology, social media has spawned its share of misconceptions and myths that keep

August 5, 2010 News Endodontics

Shoutout for a Canadian Endude

by ken

Rob Kaufman is an endodontist in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a longtime member of the endodontic forum ROOTS.  Education is his passion and he has manifested his energy through his website EndoExperience which he administers personally.  For those who are interested in

August 2, 2010 News Periodontology

Vistas and Horizons; Miracles and Wonders

by ken

It’s unending…..the latest iPHONE 4 commercials demonstrating Video Face Chat will envariably encourage the early adapters among dentists to facilitate virtual consultation between labs, specialists and hopefully insurance adjudicators in whatever construct possible.  Tumblr.com is now added to Facebook, Twitter

August 1, 2010 News Implantology

Ladders, Layers and Leadership

by ken

Jul 29, 2010 | USA – Dental Tribune Implant education for the dental team to be available online The Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA) will offer a Dental Team Implant Certification Program on 27 August in Hamburg, Germany. In an

July 30, 2010 News Orthodontics

A Simple Wire Guide for Positioning Microimplants

by ken

The objective of this post is to derive increasing orthodontic contribution to the blog. One of the primary uses of mini-screws and implants is anchorage for a variety of orthodontic treatment objectives…..the scope of orthodontics as a result of three

July 25, 2010 News Geriodontics

Older patients’ oral health critical prior to surgery

by ken

July 23, 2010 By: Erin Archer, R.N. from DrBicuspid.com Elderly patients presenting for surgery may be harboring undetected oral infections that could lead to expensive and life-threatening complications, according to a study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (June 1, 2010). The

July 22, 2010 News Endodontics

Autotransplantation – nothing to do with GM, Ford or Chrysler

by ken

Shared case from a post-doctoral endodontic student at Einstein Medical Center – a thing of beauty truly.18 y/o male. Med Hx: Non-contributory. Ca(OH)2 placed in #19 (3.6) at first visit to allow for healing. #19 sectioned and extracted. Occlusion of

July 21, 2010 News Tradeshows

I Love the IDS – International Dental Show

by catherine

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been attending trade shows since I was just a little baby editor on a wonderful business-to-business (B2B) magazine called Food in Canada and some of my fondest memories are of Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. My first international

July 19, 2010 News Implantology

Online Virtual Study Club announced by Nobel Biocare

by ken

Nobel Biocare announces a new Online Virtual Study Club for N. America Nobel Biocare has signed an agreement with My Dental Hub to acquire the exclusive rights to StudyClubConnect.com an online study club for dentists MyDentalHub (MDH) was developed by

July 18, 2010 News Pediatric dentistry

Oh!! Canada……….

by ken

July 15, 2010By: Rosemary Frei,M.Sc. Canadian children who need dental treatment wait far too long to receive that care, according to the Wait Time Alliance’s 2010 Report Card, released in June. “We didn’t really have an idea of the scope of the

July 17, 2010 News Women in dentistry

XX or XY – who shall lead, who shall follow

by ken

Critical Issues in Dental Education Gender Trends in Dental Leadership and Academics: A Twenty-Two-Year Observation By Judy Chia-Chun Yuan, D.D.S., M.S.; Damian J. Lee, D.D.S.; et  al The purpose of this study was to examine gender disparities in dental leadership and