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June 23, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesWebsites

What Type of Content Should Your Dental Website Feature?

by Christie Simon

You’ve finally finished creating a website for your dental clinic. It looks clean, user-friendly and professional, but you’re left with one question: what should you post on it? Content provides useful resources for your patients and helps your website appear

June 21, 2021 News BlogsPractice managementSearch engineSocial media

Search Optimization For Your Dental Practice’s Facebook Page

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

As you probably know, SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential part of any good dental marketing plan. Over 90 percent of adults look for information on the internet. If you want people to find your dental practice, it needs

June 16, 2021 News BlogsOverall HealthWellness

6 Simple Exercises to Help Keep Dentists’ Hands Steady

by Dr. Salwin

The road to becoming a dentist is not an easy one. Aside from mastering the science and art of caring for patients’ dental and oral health, dental students must make sure they possess and further develop the manual dexterity required

Buying Selling Dental Practice
June 14, 2021 News BlogsDental OfficeFinancesNew dentistsPractice ManagementPractice Operations

Considerations for Buying and Selling a Dental Practice During the Pandemic

by Ken Arding, BDO Canada

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has been an unexpected and unprecedented period in Canada and beyond. And while you might think that would hinder dental professionals from buying or selling a practice, think again. Over the last

Mental Health
June 9, 2021 News BlogsMental HealthOverall HealthPractice managementWellness

How Dentistry Professionals Can Manage Their Mental Health

by Beau Peters

Most people don’t realize that the dental profession is one of the most at-risk for mental health disorders. These include depression, anxiety, and negative effects of stress. Mental health in dentistry can often be considered a taboo subject, but it

June 7, 2021 News BlogsPractice managementPractice Operations

Eliminating the “Can’t Beat’em, Better Join’em” Mindset!

by Shawn Peers, DentalPeers

By now, everyone probably knows about the DentalCorp IPO. It is the first Canadian corporate dental group to go public since TriDont tried it, unsuccessfully, approximately 35 years ago. The response to this news on social media has been interesting

May 31, 2021 News BlogsPractice managementSearch engineWebsites

How To Make Your Dental Clinic Website Visible On Google

by James Baxter

Did you know there are over 10,000 dentist employers in Canada? And how many specialists are employed there? How many are going to graduate and build their careers? To make sure you stand out, your clinic website has to pop

May 24, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial media

Social Media Success in the Age of COVID-19

by Ekwa Marketing

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Attracting New Patients to Your Dental Practice
May 17, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesNew dentistsPractice managementWebsites

Attracting New Patients to Your Dental Practice

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Whether you just launched a new dental practice or are looking to grow your existing practice, you will need to spend time on attracting new patients to survive. You already know that it is important to have high-quality services at

Artificial Intelligence
May 12, 2021 News BlogsDentistry

How Artificial Intelligence Is Propelling Forward-Thinking Dentists Out of the Pandemic Slump

by Avni Parekh, Dental Whale

More than a year into the global spread of COVID-19, the pandemic continues to affect businesses across the globe. With the first quarter of 2021 now behind us, there’s still very little information available about the pandemic’s effects during that

Dental School Debt
May 10, 2021 News BlogsPractice management

Practical Tips For Paying Off Your Dental School Debt

by Dr. Gary Salwin

When you do a search online for the highest paid jobs in the healthcare industry, you’ll see that dentists almost always make it to the top five, even the top three. Even lower-tier dental jobs pay nicely. And if you’re

May 5, 2021 News BlogsPractice management

How Increased Remote Life is Changing Aspects of Oral Health

by Beau Peters

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of ordinary life, from work to education to entertainment. Among the most significant effects, however, may be on the practice of healthcare, including dentistry. The transition to telemedicine has required dental

May 3, 2021 News BlogsOffice ManagementPractice management

Congratulations! You’re the New Office Manager! Now What?

by Shawn Peers, DentalPeers

Congratulations! This is incredible news. Your passion and pride in what you do in the healthcare field is truly being rewarded. Perhaps you were an excellent hygienist…a phenomenal dental assistant…a top-notch admin team member providing your clinicians with first rate

April 28, 2021 News BlogsOral Health

How Oral Health and Severity of COVID-19 Complications Might Be Linked

by Dr. Gary Salwin

Right at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was made clear that older people infected with the coronavirus were most at risk of developing serious illnesses. Those with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and lung disease were also warned

Heading Off the Orthodontics DIYers
April 26, 2021 News BlogsOral Health

Heading Off the Orthodontics DIYers

by Charles Sutera, DMD, FAGD

There will always be people who will try to go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, even when it comes to their teeth. And there’s no shortage of companies willing to take advantage of that fact. But, when it comes to the

April 21, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementWebsites

A Quick Guide to Creating Interactive Dental Content

by Ekwa Marketing

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April 19, 2021 News BlogsOral HealthPractice managementSocial media

Online Trends That Are Damaging to Oral Health

by Beau Peters

Trends are a familiar part of life and most are typically harmless. However, with the rise of social media apps such as TikTok and Twitter, there has also been a concerning rise in dangerous behaviors. While some trends are a

April 16, 2021 News BlogsDentistry

Mandatory Vaccination Policies in the Dental Office

by Ljubica Durlovska, BA, LLB, CDPM

With vaccination rollouts now going strong and workers in the dental field being prioritized for vaccines, we are getting daily calls from dentists asking, “Should I make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for my staff?” My lawyer answer is, “it depends”. But

Voice Search
April 14, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementWebsites

Keeping Up with Google: Is Your Dental Website Ready for Voice and Visual Search?

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

If you market your dental practice online, you are surely familiar with SEO (search engine optimization). It has been the foundation of digital marketing for decades. In that time, the internet has grown and changed dramatically, as has Google itself.

April 12, 2021 News BlogsOverall HealthPractice ManagementWellness

How To Manage Dental Patients Dealing With Poor Mental Health

by Dr. Ben Lynch

The last year has been chaotic for a myriad of reasons, and there can’t be many people around who haven’t suffered as a result. The most common damage, of course, is psychological. People have lost loved ones, been left in