Paint it pink – I see a white tooth and I want to paint it pink

by Martin B. Goldstein, DMD

I think we’ve all purchased products at one time or another and shortly thereafter wondered, “What will I do with this stuff?” This might describe how I felt shortly after acquiring Voco America’s Amaris Gingiva. “AG,” as I’ll call it, is a composite system geared toward cervical restoration of teeth with the sole purpose of emulating the appearance of gum tissue as opposed to hard tooth structure.

It consists of three opaquers (varying shades of pink) and a universal paste that Voco America calls “Nature.”

It is a semi-translucent paste,allowing the chosen opaquers (applied singularly or mixed) to reflect through and thus influence the final look of the “tissue restoration.” A handy tissue-toned shade guide will assist you in this matter.

To appreciate AG, one has to abandon the concept that a pink restoration will fool anyone on close inspection. Retract a patient’s lips, put on your loupes (or not) and you’ll have no problem identifying a pink composite restoration. You might even ask yourself, as did I, “What’s the point?”

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