Peel (no relation to Emma) chooses to stick with fluoride

By Peter Criscione from

Peel Region’s drinking water will continue to be fluoridated after council decided today to carry on with the 40-year practice.
Councillors opted to stick with fluoridation after hearing arguments from more than 20 delegates representing both sides of the fluoride debate.
Delegates speaking against the practice, pointed to evidence they believe shows a link between exposure to fluoride in drinking water and several adverse health affects including dental fluorosis – caused by excessive ingestion of fluoride during the tooth forming years – gene mutation and cancer.
The group has added its voice to a growing chorus of critics across North America arguing water 

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fluoridation presents several ethical issues and can be linked to serious health problems. 
“We are counting on you to make the right decision,” said Mississauga’s Liesa Cianchino. “Get all the facts and remove fluoridated water.”
Among the advocates speaking in favour of fluoride was Ontario chief medical officer of health Arlene King, who stressed the importance of fluoride for good oral health.

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