Platforms To Use For Connecting With Potential And Existing Clients

by Alannah Alcala

Finding the right platforms for your business is essential. You want to be present and have a voice in the right place. For this, you need to know your audience and where they are online. Social media platforms are growing and often overlooked by dental practice owners.

Dental offices are local by nature, you should focus your efforts on the platforms that allow you to target your local communities. 

There are 2 great platforms you NEED to be present on if you have a dental practice. 


Reaching dental clients through Facebook
Krasnoyarsk, Russia – June 13, 2011: Facebook main webpage on Google Chrome browser on LCD screen

68% of North Americans use Facebook, it’s a social network geared for everyone. We can infer that 68% of your local community is on Facebook. In the dental field, Facebook is the platform most offices use. Many of these offices have a facebook page but don’t use it or don’t have a strategy in place to grow their office with it. 

If you’re not on Facebook in a big way, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Facebook is an incredible platform for: 

-Sharing research or new important information in the dental field.

-Promoting any blog post you write.

-Posting promotions or contests. 

-Educating! Upload videos explaining a topic.

-Ads! Paid advertising will help you reach new clients. 

These are only some of the benefits of Facebook. When posting, don’t forget to be consistent, post quality content and to interact with your audience. 

Post content that will help people to get to know your office before walking in for their first visit.

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Reaching dental clients through Instagram
Nizhnevartovsk, Russia – June 12, 2013: Man hand holding iPhone 5 with Instagram App. iPhone is product Apple Inc. Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service.

35% of North Americans (and your local community) use Instagram, 60% of those are there to discover new products and services. How can you miss this opportunity and not be present on Instagram?

This platform is for videos and high-quality pictures. It’s a very visual platform and that’s why people are so drawn to it. Instagram is the platform where you most likely find your younger clients. Maybe a young woman who just got married and is starting a family.

When you open an Instagram account make sure you:

-Open an Instagram business account. It is KEY when having an account for your practice! It will give you insight into your audience and your analytics. Your insights/analytics is data you need to know about, don’t overlook it. It’s incredibly important. 

-Update your information. There’s nothing worse than having an outdated profile picture or the wrong phone number.

-Write as you talk. People will be able to connect more with you. 

-Post high-quality pictures and videos.

-Be consistent, answer your DM’s and comments.

Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to do paid ads. It is a tool that you can’t miss out on. Targeted ads will help you not only reach a bigger audience but the right audience. When setting an ad you can set the age, gender, and location.


Instagram Stories

Instagram and Facebook stories are another overlooked tool. More and more people every day are turning to watch stories than the actual feed. Stories are the perfect tool for being spontaneous. You don’t have to worry about fitting your current feed or the time you post. 

Stories are where I like to have fun, try new things or just simply hop on and share something new. For a dental office, it’s even better! It’s easy to record something quick or take a picture and post it on your Instagram or Facebook stories. 

It is a great tool to share behind the scenes, show more of your team and office. I encourage you to post on your stories every day. It doesn’t have to be very edited or planned. Be spontaneous and have fun! It’s a perfect spot for that. 

These platforms are incredible for sharing about your services, your team, insight into your office and more. Don’t overlook either of these tools, if you don’t have an account yet. What are you waiting for? Open those profiles and start providing value and educate. Show people what they are missing out on by not being your client. 

About the Author

TheSocialHygienistAlannah Glass is a Social Media Manager and Strategist (thesocialhygienist). She helps businesses in the Dental Field grow through social media. She worked as a Dental Hygienist for 5+ years. She started her career in social media through owning a Subscription Box company. She decided to dive into social media and learn more about the industry to reach more customers to grow her business. Glad she did, most of her customers came through social media. Now she helps dental offices do the same.



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