How can I control the bleeding from superior posterior alviolar artery during sinus window opening ?? Is there a way to avoid this issue? Will the balloon help avoid this?

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i am bleeding

how do you deal with intra-operative complications, such as arterial bleeding, sinus perforation, soft tissue fenestration, etc.? you GET TRAINED APPROPRIATELY TO BEGIN WITH. That’s why I’m an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. The public has given me privileges to perform these surgeries because I have 7 years of post-dental school education/residency under my belt. I have done hundreds of them. I have seen true arterial bleeds from branches of the maxillary artery during a sinus lift. This is serious stuff. Pressure will not work. You need to have electrocautery available. Piezosurgery might or might not protect the artery unless you know right where it’s at – which isn’t always possible.

I am fascinated by these little worlds created by dentists who are not trained surgeons – like this journal – where you try to learn pearls from others, and you talk about your problems. It’s unbelievable to me that you are putting our professional reputation at risk by doing this stuff. It would be no different from me deciding I’m going to start doing radical neck dissections on patients where my biopsies turn up oral cancer. (I am not an OMS who trained extensively in cancer surgery… there are some who have). I leave that stuff to experienced experts.

Implants have enjoyed a great reputation and high success rate – I think – because 


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specialists have primarily been doing them. This is changing and I wonder how it’s going to turn out? I suspect it will be like cardiac catheterizations – the docs who do them routinely do them best.

Why don’t you work with your surgical colleagues – whether they be a perio or OMS – and use them for their special skills? There’s a ton of restorative information for you to master, why not focus on that?

I just do not get it!!!!!!!!!