Powering prosthetics with thoughts alone

Before the end of this decade, stem cell research will enable regeneration of tooth structure/teeth. While in the context of our field the implications are extraordinary, consider what our confreres in other health disciplines are doing….it’s mind boggling. 

  • Modern prosthetic devices offer hope of a more active life for amputees
  • Thought-controlled prosthetic arm being trialed in United States in October 
  • Lower-limb prosthetics much improved by recent advances in tech and materials

(CNN) — It may be disembodied now, but this cutting-edge robotic arm will soon spring into action as U.S. researchers begin a landmark experiment which, if successful, will see it controlled by mind power.

Starting next month, researchers at Johns Hopkins University‘s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Maryland and the University of Pittsburgh will begin testing on spinal cord injury patients whose brains have been implanted with a tiny (2mm by 2mm) electrode array.


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