Proof – this is pudding – you’re validated

Just received this in the email moments ago……..have been looking for comments to be posted to this blog as the intention is to take the email blasts we receive from companies which invariably are posted to any number of dental blogs and reframe them as a Clinical eChronicle.  While it’s exciting to see these innovations, it would be equally as exciting to see a purely clinical blog showcasing the works of colleagues using these products and in time to develop a discussion forum or use those in existence to assist in mentoring one and all on the avalanche of new products and technology come to the fore in the dental world. 

Here’s the email, below is the video from YOUTUBE – who thought up YOUTUBE, I mean can’t they have these folks run for Prime Minister in Canada rather than the same olde lummoxes on parade………..

Map of cbCT location016.jpg

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