Protecting the Rest of Us

by Jeffrey M. Martin, D.D.S. (Ret.)

You don’t have to be Canada’s Top Doctor to observe some human behaviors and the Covid-19 numbers.

In a local pharmacy which is part of Canada’s largest chain, there is one person working in the dispensary who very frequently wears her mask under her nose.

In a local supermarket, I saw a staff member distributing & leaning over fresh produce while wearing his mask under his nose.

In the same supermarket on a different day, I saw the acting manager walking around wearing his mask under his nose.

We’ve all seen customers walking around other stores either with their nose exposed or large gaps between their face and the edges of the mask.

We see mass demonstrations of people protesting rules developed to protect those of us who are trying to remain safe.

And we see TV networks devoting time and taxpayer’s money to interviewing those with “0” medical training who try to explain that the whole Covid-19 thing is a hoax and that mask wearing is an attack on their civil rights.

In 2018, there were 1,922 traffic deaths across Canada.

In 2020, as of Dec. 3rd there were 12,407 Covid-19 deaths across Canada.

According to a Google search there were 6 Canadian Covid deaths on Sept. 30th.

That same search shows 93 Canadian Covid deaths on Dec. 5th and the trend line is going up.

Even if the increase in deaths doesn’t continue, that translates into 33,945 Covid deaths per year.

There are roughly enforceable 50 traffic laws designed to keep our roads safe.

How many enforceable laws do we have to slow the spread?

Have you seen one police officer checking pharmacy and supermarket workers?

Have you seen any anti-mask demonstration broken up and participants arrested?  I haven’t.

Every day we see our medical experts pleading with the public to wear their masks.

Every day we see our politicians wringing their hands over the increasing Covid related numbers.

Nowhere do we see our federal and provincial leaders taking a very firm stand by quickly passing enforceable laws to protect those of us who are following the guidelines.

And nowhere do we see laws or even guidelines regarding the quality, fit and proper wearing of masks.

While the numbers are skyrocketing, there hasn’t been a single case of Covid traceable to a dental office where patients and staff are constantly in very close contact but staff always wear high quality masks that are properly fitted.  This IS an airborne disease.

To all of our Provincial and Federal Leaders, PLEASE start treating Covid-19 as the national emergency that it is, pass and enforce the required laws and incarcerate those who won’t protect the rest of us.  The vaccines can’t come soon enough and you know who will refuse to take it.

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